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Meatloaf Recipe Preheat oven to 201°C to 190°C fan-forcing. Grease a 9.2cm deeply 9.2cm x 19 centimeter (base) loaf pan. Heat oil in a middle frying pan over middle heat. Add onion & garlic. (Meatloaf) Cook-stirring, for five mints or until onion has softened. Set aside for five minutes to cool. Insert fresh onion, breadcrumbs, minces, egg, mustard, Worcestershire. Sauce and half cup tomato sauce in a bowl. Mix to grouped. Spoon into frying pan. Level high with a spoon.

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Combine sugar & extra remaining sauce in a small bowl. Spreading over high of mince. Baking for one hour or until meatloaf is browned & comes away from sides of pan. Sewer juices from pan. Set aside for five minutes. Serve with potato, green beans & gravy.


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